Candi Guterres is a Production Designer and Producer based in Los Angeles. Candi’s most recent design projects include Stargate Origins (MGM), Jen McGowan’s Rust Creek (IFC) and Kyra Sedgwick’s pilot—Girls Weekend which premiered at Sundance 2019. Candi produced and designed film content for Smashing Pumpkins 2018 Shiny Oh So Bright Tour.

Drawing from the experience of growing up between Portugal, Japan and adopted homes in Nicaragua and the US, Guterres’ artistic vision and ability to communicate ideas fluidly across cultures and ultimately for the screen developed from an early age. Candi earned a BA in Architecture from Columbia University.

Candi’s production work spans genres and the globe to include period films, sci-fi fantasy, and empowered narratives filmed in Russia, Iceland, Mexico, Peruvian Amazons and the US. Guterres’ hands on approach to every project –from executing drawings to dressing frames—fused with Candi’s perception of the world, creates a unique vision in storytelling. 

213-507-3227 | candivision@gmail.com

What is sight, without vision?